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Fill Excel Sheet Data into HTML Online Forms

Fill data in HTML form with Excel sheet from Chrome Extension.

✨ Features

  • Fill Automatic Excel Sheet Data in the Online Form
  • Automatic Generate Excel Sheet according to form fields
  • Send Request (GET/POST/..) for Insert Entry
  • Select the fields that depend on another field.
  • Change the format of any date and fill it in the form.
  • Run javascript event any field.
  • Automatic click form submit button
  • Insert custom javascript in the form fields
  • Provide Toolbar
  • Extension Context Menu Option.
  • Hide JS Alert Message.
  • and more..



Using Libraries

Browser Support

  • Chrome (Latest)



  • Fill Form data with trigger event
  • IF Request Not Send to Server Response
  • Key not link to the submit button
  • If excel data successful fill in the form then play sound like
  • Automatic set multiple select field type
  • Radio Field Selector only name not id
  • Not Work in the Google Form



  • NEW: error_messages : If the error message matches while filling the entry, then the entry will skip and the error will be added to the Excel sheet. [Entry Error Message - {0-9}].


  • FIXED: If success message not found in the page not stop check success message loop.


  • NEW: Save Entry Response Message Data in the Excel Sheet [Entry Response Message - {0-9}].
    • Custom Key save_response_message


  • FIXED: Checkbox element not show in the generate excel sheet.
  • FIXED: Form field radio button event not run selected radio element.


  • NEW: This Version Form Filler Script Run On Page Load.
  • NEW: Hide JS Alert Message. Hide Option Available in the Application Settings.
  • NEW: Timeout Feature Before and After
  • NEW: Add Option in the Extension Context Menu
    • Copy Select Box Selected Option Name
    • Copy Select Box Selected Option Value
  • Predefined Custom Keys
    • page_loaded
    • form_filled
    • fill_action
    • element_exists
    • background_response
    • entry_saved
  • FIXED: Error in the fetch_form_fields.js file.

📝 Copyright and License copyright

Code copyright 2021 ctechhindi. Code released under the MIT license.