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A "Vuejs & Laravel" Media Manager With Tons of Features
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Laravel Media Manager
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main card filter diff

  • to optimize uploaded files on the fly try spatie


  • composer require ctf0/media-manager

  • (Laravel < 5.5) add the service provider to config/app.php

    'providers' => [
  • publish the package assets with

    php artisan vendor:publish --provider="ctf0\MediaManager\MediaManagerServiceProvider"

  • after installation, package will auto-add

    • package routes to routes/web.php
    • package assets compiling to webpack.mix.js
  • install dependencies

    yarn add vue vue-ls vue-async-computed vue-list-rendered vue-image-compare2 vue-tippy@v1 vue2-filters vue-input-autowidth vue-notif vue-clipboard2 vue-awesome@v2 vue-touch@next idb-keyval axios dropzone cropperjs keycode date-fns lottie-web plyr fuse.js
    # or
    npm install vue vue-ls vue-async-computed vue-list-rendered vue-image-compare2 vue-tippy@v1 vue2-filters vue-input-autowidth vue-notif vue-clipboard2 vue-awesome@v2 vue-touch@next idb-keyval axios dropzone cropperjs keycode date-fns lottie-web plyr fuse.js --save
  • add this one liner to your main js file and run npm run watch to compile your js/css files.

    • if you are having issues Check.
    // app.js
    window.Vue = require('vue')
    // pre Laravel v5.7
    // Laravel v5.7
    // require('../assets/vendor/MediaManager/js/manager')
    new Vue({
        el: '#app'


  • image editor

  • multi

    • upload
    • move/copy
    • delete
  • upload by either

    • using the upload panel
    • drag & drop anywhere
    • click & hold on an empty area "items container"
  • toggle between random/original names for uploaded files

  • upload an image from a url

  • load image on demand

  • cache requests

  • asynchronous Updates

  • bulk selection

  • change item/s visibility

  • update the page url while navigation

  • show audio files info "artist, album, year, etc.."

  • dynamically hide files / folders

  • restrict access to path

  • download selected "including bulk selection"

  • directly copy selected file link

  • use the manager + from modal + with any wysiwyg editor

  • auto scroll to selected item using "left, up, right, down, home, end"

  • lock/unlock item/s.

  • search in the current folder or globally through the entire collection.

  • filter by

    • folder
    • image
    • audio
    • video
    • text/pdf
    • application/archive
    • locked items
    • selected items
  • sort by

    • name "default"
    • size
    • last modified
  • items count for

    • all
    • selected
    • search found
  • contents ratio bar

  • protection against overwriting (files/folders)

  • file name sanitization for

    • upload
    • rename
    • new folder
  • auto-play media files "if selected filter is audio/video"

  • disable/enable buttons depend on the usage to avoid noise & keep the user focused

  • shortcuts / gestures

    • if no more rows available, pressing down will go to the last item in the list "same as native finder".
    • when viewing a audio/video file in the preview card, pressing space will play/pause the item instead of closing the modal.
    • dbl click/tap
      • any file of type audio/video when sidebar is hidden, will open it in the preview card "same as images".
      • any file of type application/archive will download it.
    • all the left/right gestures have their counterparts available as well.
    • pressing esc while using the image editor wont close the modal but you can dbl click/tap the modal background to do so. "to avoid accidentally canceling your changes".

    * the info sidebar is only available on big screens "> 1087px".
    * to stop interfering with other keydown events you can toggle the manager listener through'disable-global-keys', true/false).

    navigation button keyboard click / tap touch
    toggle upload panel (toolbar) u
    refresh (toolbar) r hold (clear cache) pinch in (items container)
    move (toolbar) m
    image editor (toolbar) e
    delete (toolbar) d / del
    lock/unlock (toolbar) l hold (anything but images)
    change visibility (toolbar) v
    toggle bulk selection (toolbar) b
    (reset) bulk select all (toolbar) a
    toggle sidebar (path bar) t * swipe left/right (sidebar)
    confirm (modal) enter
    toggle preview image/pdf/text (item) space **
    play/pause media (item) space **
    hide (modal / upload-panel / global-search) esc
    reset (search / bulk selection / filter) esc
    move (item) swipe up
    delete (item) swipe down
    rename (item) swipe left
    image editor (item) hold
    limit bulk select (item) shift + click
    current + next bulk select (item) alt/meta + click
    create new folder ** (items container)
    go to next (item) right * swipe left (preview)
    go to prev (item) left * swipe right (preview)
    go to first (item) home
    go to last (item) end
    go to next (row) down swipe up (preview)
    go to prev (row) up swipe down (preview)
    open folder enter **
    go to prev (dir) folderName (path bar) backspace * swipe right (items container)
  • events

    type event-name description
    modal-show when modal is showen
    modal-hide when modal is hidden
    file_selected (when inside modal) get selected file url
    multi_file_selected (when inside modal) get bulk selected files urls
    folder_selected (when inside modal) get selected folder path
    MMFileUploaded($file_path, $mime_type) get uploaded file full path & mime type
    MMFileSaved($file_path, $mime_type) get saved (edited/link) image full path & mime type
    MMFileDeleted($file_path, $is_folder) get deleted file/folder full path
    MMFileRenamed($old_path, $new_path) get renamed file/folder "old & new" path
    MMFileMoved($old_path, $new_path) get moved file/folder "old & new" path



return [
     * ignore files pattern
    'ignore_files' => '/^\..*/',

     * filesystem disk
    'storage_disk' => 'public',

     * manager controller
    'controller' => '\ctf0\MediaManager\Controllers\MediaController',

     * remove any file special chars except
    'allowed_fileNames_chars' => '.\_\-\'\s\(\)\,',

     * remove any folder special chars except (_ -)
    'allowed_folderNames_chars' => '\_\-',

     * disallow uploading files with the following mimetypes
    'unallowed_mimes' => ['php', 'java'],

     * extra mime-types
    'extended_mimes' => [
        'image' => [
        'archive' => [

     * when file names gets cleand up
    'sanitized_text' => 'uniqid',

     * display file last modification time as
    'last_modified_format' => 'toDateString',

     * hide file extension in files list
    'hide_files_ext' => true,

     * load image preview only when item is clicked ?
    'lazy_load_image_on_click' => false,

     * automatically invalidate cache after "in Minutes"
    'cache_expires_after' => 60,

     * in-order to get the folder items count & size
     * we need to recursively get all the files inside the folders
     * which could make the request take longer
    'get_folder_info' => true,

     * do you want to enable broadcasting the changes
     * made by one user to others ?
     * "laravel-echo" must be installed
    'enable_broadcasting' => false,

     * show "an itunes like" content ratio bar
    'show_ratio_bar' => true



  • visit localhost:8000/media
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