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Contribution guide

Please take a moment to review this document in order to make the contribution process easy and effective for everyone involved.

Adding a new write-up entry

  1. Each CTF gets its own folder in the root of this repository. For example, ‘Foo Bar CTF 2014’ would get a folder named foo-bar-ctf-2014.
  2. Every CTF challenge gets its own subfolder within that folder. For example, all files related to the ‘Foo Bar CTF 2014’ challenge named ‘Sucky sandbox’ would be located in foo-bar-ctf-2014/sucky-sandbox.
  3. Every CTF challenge folder needs a Markdown-formatted file, e.g. foo-bar-ctf-2014/sucky-sandbox/ This file contains any details about the challenge, the main write-up itself, and links to other write-ups and resources. The folder should also contain the source files needed to reproduce the challenge.
  4. Once you’re done adding the entry or making your changes, submit a pull request using the GitHub web interface.
  5. Finally, make sure you follow our committing rules

Changing an existing entry

  1. Feel free to make any changes you see fit. Add a link to a write-up on your blog, add missing source files, clarify explanations in the write-up, or — if you’ve found a better way to solve a challenge — simplify the existing solution.
  2. Once you’re done, submit a pull request using the GitHub web interface.

Committing rules

These rules exist to keep the repo maintainable and complete. Please consider following them.

  1. Update the root big-ctf/ file, when adding a writeup to big-ctf/task/. We have three different sections:

    • Completed write-ups - Tasks, for which there is at least one local repo writeup (see the Write-up section of each task)
    • External write-ups only - Tasks, for which there is at least one external writeup (see the Other write-ups and resources section of each task, but no local writeup
    • Missing write-ups - Tasks, for which there are no writeups available (yet).
  2. If there already exists a writeup in the Write-up section and you want to add another local writeup:

    • Add another Alternative write-up section above the Other write-ups and resources section
  3. Do not add files that have a filesize bigger than 15MB to keep the repo relatively small. Upload the file instead to a service or reference it from somewhere else.
  4. Consider following these committing rules. For this repo, we like to use these emojis:
    • :memo: when adding a writeup to the Write-up section of a task
    • :floppy_disk: when adding resources for a task, e.g. files or scripts
    • :link: when adding a writeup link to the Other write-ups and resources section of a task
    • :pill: when fixing broken links or corrupt Markup stuff
    • :books: when updating the structure of this repo or adding a ctf skeleton structure
    • :fire: when deleting files
  5. If you want to add a new CTF directory/structure (skeleton), then consider using this tool
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