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DEFKTHON CTF: Miscellaneous 300


Check This


The provided 73168.zip file is password-protected. Cracking the password using fcrackzip reveals that an all-numeric password was used, and that the zip file contains another password-protected zip file, which in turn contains another password-protected zip file, etc.

Let’s write a script that recursively cracks and extracts the zip files:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

while [ -e *.zip ]; do
  for file in $files; do
    echo -n "Cracking ${file}";
    output="$(fcrackzip -u -l 1-6 -c '1' *.zip | tr -d '\n')";
    password="${output/PASSWORD FOUND\!\!\!\!: pw == /}";
    if [ -z "${password}" ]; then
      echo "Failed to find password";
      break 2;
    echo "Found password: \`${password}\`";
    unzip -q -P "${password}" "$file";
    rm "${file}";

Leave it running for a while, and you’ll end up with 12475.zip, a zip file with a slightly more complex password. Let’s crack it:

$ fcrackzip -u -l 1-6 -c 'a1' 12475.zip
PASSWORD FOUND!!!!: pw == b0yzz

The password is b0yzz. Let’s unzip:

$ unzip -q -P b0yzz 12475.zip

We end up a file named mess.wav. Open it in a sound editor like Audacity, and view the sound waves as a spectrogram.

It reveals the text BallsRealBolls, which is the flag.

Alternative approach

An alternative way to come up with the passwords for all the intermediate zip files, is by using unzip -l to list the compressed file’s file name (which was always the same as the password for the parent zip for this challenge):

#!/usr/bin/env bash


while test -e "$f"; do
  mv "$f" _a.zip;
  p=$(unzip -l _a.zip | grep -v Archive | grep zip | awk '{print $NF}' | sed 's:\.zip::'| head -1);
  echo "File = '_a.zip', password = '$p'";
  unzip -P "$p" _a.zip;
  ls -l "$f";

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