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PlaidCTF CTF 2015: PNG Uncorrupt

Category: Forensics Points: 150 Solves: 115 Description:

We received this PNG file, but we're a bit concerned the transmission may have not quite been perfect.

Team Points Submission SpamAndHex 156 2 days ago BU 153 2 days ago 0xffa 151 2 days ago


by polym

We are given a corrupted PNG and check it's state using pngcheck:

$ pngcheck -v corrupt_735acee15fa4f3be8ecd0c6bcf294fd4.png
File: corrupt_735acee15fa4f3be8ecd0c6bcf294fd4.png (1188435 bytes)
  File is CORRUPTED.  It seems to have suffered DOS->Unix conversion.
ERRORS DETECTED in corrupt_735acee15fa4f3be8ecd0c6bcf294fd4.png

Comparing the first 8 bytes of the corrupted PNG with the PNG signature in the PNG specification, we see a difference:

$ xxd -l8 corrupt_735acee15fa4f3be8ecd0c6bcf294fd4.png
0000000: 8950 4e47 0a1a 0a00                      .PNG....

The correct signature should be 8950 4e47 0d0a 1a0a:

$ xxd -l8 fixed.png
0000000: 8950 4e47 0d0a 1a0a                      .PNG....

After fixing the signature, we still have a corrupt PNG:

$ pngcheck -v corrupt.v2.png
File: corrupt.v2.png (1188436 bytes)
  chunk IHDR at offset 0x0000c, length 13
    960 x 600 image, 24-bit RGB, non-interlaced
  chunk sBIT at offset 0x00025, length 3
    red = 8 = 0x08, green = 8 = 0x08, blue = 8 = 0x08
  chunk pHYs at offset 0x00034, length 9: 5629x5629 pixels/meter (143 dpi)
  chunk tEXt at offset 0x00049, length 28, keyword: Software
  chunk IDAT at offset 0x00071, length 131072
    zlib: deflated, 32K window, default compression
  CRC error in chunk IDAT (computed f0271404, expected 5a745d00)
ERRORS DETECTED in corrupt.v2.png

After the PNG signature, chunks containing specific meta information or pixel data follow. Each chunk follows this format:

An example is the IHDR chunk, which comes right after the PNG signature:

First, we see the length of the IHDR chunk data, 0000000D = 13, then comes the chunk type IHDR, then 13 bytes of IHDR chunk data and finally 22F61856 - the 32 bit CRC, which is essentially the same as the ZIP file CRC algorithm.

Following the IHDR chunk, we see the chunk types sBIT, pHYs and tEXt, which all do have valid CRCs and lengths.

However, the length of each IDAT chunk does not match with the actual length of the corresponding IDAT chunk data:

This results in incorrect CRCs as seen in the previous pngcheck output, since the offsets don't match.

Fixing the lengths of each IDAT chunk does not result in a correct PNG, so we assume that bytes are missing. Since the first byte missing looked like a newline conversion from DOS 0x0D 0x0A == \r\n to Unix 0x0A == \n, this conversion might have happened elsewhere, too.

I wrote a python program that bruteforces the correct placements of such 0x0D bytes, by checking the length and CRC of each IDAT chunk

  • If the length is correct and the CRC is incorrect, it replaces the incorrect CRC.
  • If the length is incorrect and off by n bytes, it
    • Prepends 0x0D bytes in front of each nth combination of 0x0A occurrences in the chunk data
    • Calculates the CRC and compares it with the given CRC

The python program takes about 2m40s and gives us the flag in return:

$ time python corrupt_735acee15fa4f3be8ecd0c6bcf294fd4.png fixed.png

real    2m38.393s
user    2m34.817s
sys     0m3.550s

The flag is flag{have_a_wonderful_starcrafts}.

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