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Securinets Quals CTF 2015: Document

Category: Forensics Points: 150 Solves: TODO Description:

Hint : no hint (aucun hint)

url :


by shikata-ga-nai

We are given with file, which we can discover with Unix "file" command, happens to be RAR archive. Firstly we unrar it. We get a folder with 3 folders and 1 file inside. Folders: word, docProps, customXml. File: [Content_Types].xml. Word folder gives us a clue that it might be a word document, which is basically a zipped archive of mentioned folders and that file above. Thus, we zip-archive the folder and give it .docx extension. After that we can open the file, for example, in Google Drive ( and get the flag. Flag= D3_R13N_ChA113Ng3R_

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