Wiki-like CTF write-ups repository, maintained by the community. 2018
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CTF write-ups 2018

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There are some problems with CTF write-ups in general:

  • They’re scattered across the interwebs
  • They don’t usually include the original files needed to solve the challenge
  • Some of them are incomplete or skip ‘obvious’ parts of the explanation, and are therefore not as helpful for newcomers
  • Often they disappear when the owner forgets to renew their domain or shuts down their blog

This repository aims to solve those problems.

It’s a collection of CTF source files and write-ups that anyone can contribute to. Did you just publish a CTF write-up? Let us know, and we’ll add a link to your post — or just add the link yourself and submit a pull request. Spot an issue with a solution? Correct it, and send a pull request.


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