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Generate PNG Icons/Favicons for websites from a single image preferably an SVG. Generated are PNG Favicon for all browsers, Android homescreen, Edge on Windows 10 and mobile, iOS touch icons, IE11 on Windows 8/8.1/WP, Chrome apps, Opera Coast and a basic favicon.ico (16x16 only though).

In addition generate icons for Windows 10 Universal Apps (UWP) and Windows Store Apps for both Windows and Windows Phone/Mobile. These icons are generated in all needed "scaled" versions (100, 150, 200, etc) so these will be a lot.

Ideally upload or drop an SVG file to generate all selected icon sets.

Demo / working version online:

In parts based on

Thanks to for the .ico generation code.

known issues

This tool works best in Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

On Windows 10 Mobile icon generation works, download not yet, hopefully soon as tool seems useful on mobile/Continuum.

(In IE only a PNG or JPG upload seems to work. SVG upload causes problems when used on a canvas (plus the original SVG size is lost). This problem has been fixed in Edge.)