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This is the source code for is a standard Rails 3.0.x application.

== To install

cd into/the/base/of/the/project
bundle install
bundle exec rake db:migrate
rails server
(site now up at localhost:3000)

== To install (using RVM)
If you don't already use RVM (, it's highly recommended.
Modified instructions of the above:

(before cd'ing into the project base and assuming Ruby 1.9.2 is installed)
rvm gemset create 1.9.2@epiar
cd into/the/base/of/the/project
(RVM should prompt you to load .rvmrc, which is located in the project.)
gem install bundler (presumably 1.9.2@epiar is an empty gemset)
bundle install
bundle exec rake db:migrate
bundle exec rake bootstrap:all (creates any necessary default data)
rails server
(site now up at localhost:3000)

== Feedback, patches, bugs
Please use the github Issues tracker or message me via github or the contact
information at
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