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A Java native interface to Matlab's libmat and libmx
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This is the Java interface to Matlab's libmat and libmx.

To compile, open a Terminal and type

To use this with the SPaTo_Visual_Explorer, you must copy
the updated jnmatlib.jar from dist/ to the code folder
in the SPaTo_Visual_Explorer sketch. The jna.jar from lib/
must also be copied to the code folder, but probably
is already there.

The native libraries (.dll for Windows, .so for Linux, and
.dylib for Mac) in both 32-bit and 64-bit are in the lib
folder (Windows still missing...).  Besides libmat and libmx,
there are a bunch of libraries those two depend on and a
ICU dat file that contains 11 MB of probably useless stuff.

Unfortunately, some of the libraries don't tell they rely
on other libraries but rather try to load them themselves.
That has the ugly side effect, that an environment
variable has to be set to point to the library path
when running a Java program that uses jnmatlib.
This variable is PATH on Windows, LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux,
and DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on Mac.  Multiple paths can be
specified in the environment variable, and if both the
32-bit and 64-bit versions are accessible via the path
variable, the correct version will be loaded (on Mac at
least).  In principle, it might be possible, to spawn
a new process from within Java that runs with the modified
environment variable.  This has to be implemented by the
program using jnmatlib.
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