Simple application that listens for WIFI-frames and records the mac-address of the sender and posts them to a REST-api
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This is a simple python script that uses tshark to capture mac addresses and send them to hubbIT.

*Note this script requires python 3.x, requests [1] and a wireless interface that supports monitor and promiscuous mode.

[1]: “Python Requests”

How to use:

$ cd /path/to/hubbIT-sniffer

First you need to setup the required interface. Fortunately there is script provided that will do just that:

# scripts/

After that you only need to start the hubbit-sniffer (you need to be a member of the wireshark group in order to be able to run the sniffer without being root):

$ screen -S hubbit-sniffer -U
$ python3 sniffer/ -a api_key_goes_here -b sniffer/blacklist.txt

If you need more customisability, have a look at python3 sniffer/ --help


The blacklist is a \n separated text file of mac addresses to ignore. This is best used together with the script in order to ignore any traffic coming from nearby access points.

# scripts/ > sniffer/blacklist.txt


Using the -t flag you can adjust how often the sniffer sends batch updates to the server. Default is 5 seconds.