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SDLPerl – Simple DirectMedia Layer for Perl


  1. Check out the git repository: git clone git://github.com/kthakore/SDL_perl.git
  2. Submit your patch to the mailing list sdl-devel@perl.org
  3. Receive commit permissions to the git repository once your patch is reviewed.
  4. Add your change to the CHANGELOG file
  5. Add your name to the CONTRIBUTORS file
  6. Push your patch!


  • Release 2.2.1
    • Merge the 2.1.3 Kartik fork with the 2.2.1 mainline
    • Critical Bug Fixes in several areas
    • Solve SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING problem in App.pm
  • Release 2.2.3
    • Create build scripts and instructions for packagers (Alien or otherwise)
    • Host binary for most platforms
    • Remove XS build from Build.PL and instead have it download binary XS and SDL dep binaries.
    • Finish the Applet Droppers for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • Release 2.3.0
    • Extend SDL API support
    • Enhance OpenGL support to latest spec
    • Begin SDLPerl Game library
    • Have an alpha parrot parse that generates either pure XS or P5NCI
  • Release 3.0.0
    • TBD
    • Something along the lines of this : v3.0.0
    • Have parrot parser generate parrot NCI calls for perl 6

Wish List

  • Perl Game Library
  • RWOps callbacks
  • Return to automagical constants
  • OpenGL shader support