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A protocol bridge maker

Getting Started

    pontifex = require 'pontifex'
    pons = pontifex('amqp://user:password@host:port/domain/exchange/key/queue...')
    server.on 'request', (req,res) ->
            if req.method == "POST"
                    pons.create req.url

Building Bridges

Pontifex provides a standard interface for building bridges between protocols and AMQP. It is based on a generalizable mapping of CRUD and REST to a more statefull system. Pontifex generates a bridge object (pons) that exports 4 methods create, read, update, delete which act upon AMQP streams. Streams are defined by a path specification:

    /<domain>/<exchange>/<key>/[<queue>/[<destination exchange>/<destination key>]]

This path specification has 3 basic modes:

  • producer - //// for publishing to the given exchange with key on domain
  • consumer - ///// for subscribing to a given queue with exchange and key bindings on a domain
  • pipe - ////// for filtering a stream taking data in from a source, transforming, and then publishing to a destination exchange with key

These methods are used as follows:

create( stream )

This method creates a persistent queue bound to the specified exchange with the given routing key on a specific domain.