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src Add the configuration cache lock module with Readme. Oct 28, 2015

Configuration Cache Lock

Add the following settings to your local.xml inside the <global> node.

		<enable>1</enable> <!-- If cache locking is enabled or not -->
		<server></server> <!-- The Redis database IP -->
		<port>6379</port> <!-- The Redis port -->
		<database>0</database> <!-- The Redis Database to use -->
		<password></password> <!-- The password of the Redis server -->
		<timeout>2.5</timeout> <!-- The Redis timeout -->
		<key>cache_lock</key> <!-- The name of lock in the Redis Database -->
		<max_attempts>10</max_attempts> <!-- The maximum amount of times to retry the connection. Defaults to 10. -->
		<retry_time>10000000</retry_time> <!-- The amount of microseconds to wait between checking the cache has generated. Defaults to 10000000 -->