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Kubernetes Cluster using Ansible

  • Clone repository.
  • Create multiple centos8 servers. One master and many worker. Use vagrant like here
  • Change the “ad_addr” in the env_variables file with the IP address of the Kubernetes master node.
  • Run the following command to setup the Kubernetes Master node.
ansible-playbook setup_master_node.yml
  • Once the master node is ready, run the following command to set up the worker nodes.
ansible-playbook setup_worker_nodes.yml
  • Once the workers have joined the cluster, run the following command to check the status of the worker nodes.
kubectl get nodes

Additional information

  • The IP addresses of the workers and masters added to the /etc/hosts file on all workers and masters as part of the prerequisites.yml playbook, if necessary or in case of DNS issues make sure the addresses have been added to /etc/hosts file.