Scripts to pull Minor League Baseball schedules and munge them into an org-mode readable format
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Minor Leage Baseball in Org

This is a script to scrape and munge Minor League Baseball schedules into an org-mode format. Doing so for my local team (Go Express) has helped me to see more games since I can see them easily at a glance on my org-mode agenda along with everything else in my life. Hopefully this is helpful for someone else as well.

The team schedules are available from as iCal (.ics) files. Someone had already create an awk script to convert iCal files to org-mode files. All I did was some plumbing around this in the form of a bash script to download the iCal files, run the conversion, and zip them all up.


To use, just run scripts/ This will download and convert all 160 teams into org format, and put the resulting zip file into zips/. If you don’t wish to download all 160 teams, you can simply edit the file in data/${current_year}_team_names to omit the ones you don’t care about.

Outstanding Tasks

automate gathering/cleaning of team name list

This changes pretty much every year, or at least much more frequently than the big league team names. Should come up with a means of scraping this so the whole process can be automated.