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Slides and exercises for the Data Handling for Researchers course.

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Data Handling for Researchers

This repository contains slides and exercises for the Data Handling for Researchers course, given at Imperial College London on 4 March 2014.


This course will cover the fundamentals of data handling and the best practices. The aim is to make students aware of their responsibilities to store, share, and use data in a manner that promotes research output, minimises data duplication, and allows fellow researchers to scrutinise and evaluate the data, whilst ensuring that any licensing restrictions are obeyed, sensitive information is protected, and that the data is stored in a suitable format to facilitate future research.

Furthermore, students will be informed of the methodologies and tools available when creating and manipulating data. A particular focus will be the use of version control systems to keep track of changes to data and the tools used to generate it, and the use of automated testing platforms to provide confidence in the correctness of the data.