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Built for TreeHacks 2019.


Going to USC, we have to deal with a relatively unsafe neighborhood on a regular basis, and often have trouble finding concrete, current, readable crime statistics. Other attempts at similar projects aren't easy to use, depend on shoddy data, or invade your privacy in some way. We were inspired to create a tool that friends, family, and other people who want to become more aware of their safety situation could use.

What it does

LiveSafeLA synthesizes current crime data from the city of LA into Esri's ArcGIS software to provide a interactive map of crime statistics at an LA location of your choice.

How we built it

Hard work, sweat and React! We also took advantage of Google Cloud Platform credits and's free domain to launch the MVP of our web app.

Challenges and accomplishments

Wrangling the crime data into a workable format was definitely a challenge, but luckily the city of LA has put significant effort into their data systems and provided enough information for us to wrangle it all together. Similarly, picking up new technologies like Esri and Google Cloud Platform were time-consuming. However, thanks to the helpful staff at the event we were able to piece everything together.


TreeHacks was both of our first hackathons in a little while and it felt great to get back into the game by hacking on a project that we were both passionate about. Huge shoutout to the staff at TreeHacks for putting together such an organized and fun event!

What's next

  1. Expanding on the suggestions offered for navigating unsafe areas,
  2. And, linking with an SMS and/or email service to offer live updates of crimes relevant to you in your area.


LA is dope. Crime is not.




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