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Let's Encrypt SSL support for Actix web applications using acme-client
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This software makes it fairly easy to use Lets Encrypt with Actix web.


The code in this repository has been lightly tested, but I am unhappy with the API I've constructed. I especially dislike the split between the app_encryption_enabler and the server_encryption_enabler. I'm new to Rust and wanted to write something and then ask for suggestions for a better API.

I haven't yet written documentation for the public functions because I think it's likely they'll change. However, if the example below isn't sufficient to illustrate the sort of behavior I'm trying to make available I can go ahead and document what is present.

This version only works with openssl.

// Although the following code doesn't run as-is, it's basically a
// simplified version of code that has run.  Unfortunately, there's no
// way to provide a sample that will run 100% out of the box, because
// to use a certificate you must have DNS pointing a domain to the host
// you're running this on.

use {
        actix::Actor, http::Method, server, App,
        HttpRequest, HttpResponse, Result,
    actix_web_lets_encrypt::{CertBuilder, LetsEncrypt},

// ... asset and other non-certificate code elided ...

fn main() {
    let example_prod = CertBuilder::new("", &[""]).email("");

    let two_certs_prod =
        CertBuilder::new("", &["", ""]).email("");

    let example_test = CertBuilder::new("", &[""])

    // 8088 is for all http and is bound after we set up the server.
    let app_encryption_enabler = LetsEncrypt::encryption_enabler()

    let server_encryption_enabler = app_encryption_enabler.clone();

    let mut server = server::new(move || {
        App::new().configure(|app| {
            let app = app
                .resource("/assets/{asset:.*}", |r| r.method(Method::GET).f(asset))
                .resource("/", |r| r.method(Method::GET).f(index));

    server = server_encryption_enabler
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