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I'm learning rust and decided to play with some of the rust web tools. I'm sufficiently new to rust that futzing around with various crates is interesting. Both Maud and Actix looked like fun and indeed they are.

This is hack-and-slash code. If by peeking at it you find something useful, that's surprising, but great. If you see anything that should be done better, send me email or open an issue.

FWIW, I'm really enjoying Rust and am writing various side projects in it. Currently, only mdck is public. The first rust program I wrote solves "Eric's Ultimate Solitaire" boards, which I would get a kick out of compiling into wasm if I knew a way to bring up a web page an then insert events into it. My guess is that's doable by writing a browser extension, but I have a few more important things to work on.

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