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package up the System Folder and whatnot so that people w/o the
old executor-aux can run Executor
Yank all the misleading RCS strings
Update the copyright notices to make it that the code is under
an MIT-style license
probably get rid of most of the customization stuff (don't yet
wholesale kill it, since some might be useful as per-user,
per-app or command line configuration)
splash screen stuff: does it even make sense anymore,
since the app should come up quickly now
Try building the mingw32 version using the mingw32 toolchain
for Fedora 11 (mingw32 has been done before)
Probably want to do an in-use / marked for deletion fix
of what data structure? I didn't write that down when
I first put this entry into the TODO file
Probably should get rid of SDL_bmp.c
loook at SDL_SaveBMP_RW and SDL_LoadBMP_RW in SDL_video.h