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[changes from previous versions are now in docs/Changes.*]
The directory Executor.pkg is a NEXTSTEP installer package that
installs /LocalApps/, which is a pre-beta version
Executor/NEXTSTEP 2.0, a commercial Macintosh emulator. Currently
this pre-beta only supports NEXTSTEP/Intel and NEXTSTEP/Motorola.
There are no plans for any other architectures to be supported in the
near future.
Executor expects to be installed in /LocalApps. The file:
" Folder/godata.sav"
contains pathnames that begin with "/LocalApps", so if you install
Executor anywhere other than /LocalApps, the Browser will not
automatically have fun things opened and installed on the hot-band.
You'll have to find ExecutorVolume yourself and adjust the hot-band to
your liking.
Certain files must have the correct ownership and permissions in order
for Executor to work properly. Specifically, the Executor binary
itself must be owned by root and made setuid. The directory "System
Folder" and the files *godata.sav and *system.ard must be writable by
anyone who will be using Executor. These permissions will
automatically be set properly if you install Executor when you are
logged in as or "su"d as root.
Additional information is available in the docs subdirectory of the
directory that contains this readme file. Be sure to read the
"executor_faq.txt" (answers to frequently asked questions) if you have
trouble with Executor. The file "ernst_oud.txt" contains information
about Executor/DOS, written from a DOS users perspective that still
might be useful to users of Executor/NEXTSTEP.
Included in /usr/local/lib/executor/ExecutorVolume are some sample
programs that you can run. NOTE: some of these are shareware, and
ARDI had *not* paid your shareware fee for them. If you continue to
use Executor, you should either delete the shareware items, or
register them.
If you want to access Macintosh formatted floppies from within
Executor, make sure that the floppies are put in the drive AFTER
Executor has already started. On non-NeXT hardware, you will then
need to use Workspace's "Check for Disks" menu item to get Executor to
realize that there is a Macintosh formatted floppy there. If you put
the floppy in *before* Executor starts, then NEXTSTEP will take over
the floppy drive and Executor will not be able to access all the data
that it needs.
The 1.99<x> versions of Executor are "experimental". We hope to have
Executor in beta in January of 1996 and officially released in
February or March.
In addition to the text files in the doc subdirectory mentioned above,
another good source of information about Executor is the Usenet
newsgroup "comp.emulators.mac.executor", or the Executor interest
mailing list. The newsgroup and the mailing list are connected via a
bidirectional gateway.
To join the mailing list, send e-mail to ""
or "" with a blank subject line and a
body that says "subscribe". With the first address, you'll receive
e-mail everytime someone sends anything to the mailing list. With the
digest form, you'll receve e-mail only once a day with all the
previous day's traffic bundled into one digest.
You can then send messages to the entire group by sending to
"". Some of the people on the list have been using
Executor under NEXTSTEP for a couple of years and under DOS for a
year, and of course we closely follow that mailing list, even though
we don't directly administer it.
Before 2.0 goes to press, pricing for non time-limited versions of
Executor/NEXTSTEP is $99 for students, $99 for educational
institutions, faculty and staff and $199 for everyone else. That
price does cover all the 1.99<x> releases and the 2.0 CD-ROM release
when it's finished.
Again, read "executor_faq.txt" for more information.
NOTE: we have changed the registration procedure and will need to
issue all our current NEXTSTEP customers new keys. In the meantime,
until the end of November, every Executor/NEXTSTEP user (current
customers and not) has permission to use this serial number and key:
Serial Number = 100
Key = "c9gm7biez8jf2"
This will only work under Executor/NEXTSTEP and it will only work for
versions 1.x. It stops functioning February 1. We'll either get new
serial numbers to all our current NEXTSTEP customers by then or we'll
release another key that everyone can use while we sort things out.
To use this key, start Executor, then click on the "Info" button. It
will prsent you with a page of legalese, and the option to click on
the "Next" button to get another page of legalese. After you've
clicked on the Next button about a dozen times, you'll be prompted for
your name, organization, serial number and authorization key. Use the
values supplied above for the last two choices. You will have to run
Executor once as root after you've entered the registration
NOTE: Executor currently does not have any way of bypassing Display
Postcript, so screen access is slower under NEXTSTEP than under other
platforms. We have received help from NeXT and hope to be able to
speed up our graphics access sometime after 2.0 is released.
Please address questions to and bug reports
to Our web site is and we
accept anonymous ftp connections at
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