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(include "68k.defines.scm")
(define (ADDB name bit_pattern expand amode src dst)
(defopcode name
(list 68000 amode () bit_pattern)
(list "-----" "-----" expand
(assign dst (+ dst src)))
(list "CNVXZ" "-----" dont_expand
(assign tmp2.ub dst)
(assign ccv (& (~ (^ tmp2.ub src)) 0x80))
(ASSIGN_NNZ_BYTE (assign dst (assign tmp.uw (+ dst src))))
(assign ccx (assign ccc (>> tmp.uw 8)))
(assign ccv (& ccv (^ tmp.ub tmp2.ub)))))))
(define add_sub_expand (list "----xxx---00xxxx" ; [ad]n, [ad]n
"----xxx---010xxx" ; an@, [ad]n
"----xxx---101xxx")) ; an@(d16), [ad]n
(ADDB addb_dest_reg (list "1101ddd000mmmmmm") add_sub_expand
(intersect amode_all_combinations (not "xxxxxxxxxx001xxx")) ; no an
$2.mub $1.dub)
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