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A console progress bar for JVM with minimal runtime overhead.

Menlo, Fira Mono, Source Code Pro, Iosevka, JetBrains Mono or SF Mono are recommended for optimal visual effects.

For Consolas or Andale Mono fonts, use ProgressBarStyle.ASCII because the box-drawing glyphs are not aligned properly in these fonts.






Declarative usage (since 0.6.0):

// Looping over a collection:
for (T x : ProgressBar.wrap(collection, "TaskName")) {
    // Progress will be automatically monitored by a progress bar

Imperative usage (since 0.7.0 switched to Java's try-with-resource pattern):

// try-with-resource block
try (ProgressBar pb = new ProgressBar("Test", 100)) { // name, initial max
 // Use ProgressBar("Test", 100, ProgressBarStyle.ASCII) if you want ASCII output style
  for ( /* TASK TO TRACK */ ) {
    pb.step(); // step by 1
    pb.stepBy(n); // step by n
    pb.stepTo(n); // step directly to n
    // reset the max of this progress bar as n. This may be useful when the program
    // gets new information about the current progress.
    // Can set n to be less than zero: this means that this progress bar would become
    // indefinite: the max would be unknown.
    pb.setExtraMessage("Reading..."); // Set extra message to display at the end of the bar
} // progress bar stops automatically after completion of try-with-resource block

NEW in 0.9.0: You can now use multiple progress bars for parallel jobs:

try (ProgressBar pb1 = new ProgressBar("Job1", max1); 
     ProgressBar pb2 = new ProgressBar("Job2", max2)) { ... }
Kotlin extensions

Kotlin DSL-like builders are available at reimersoftware/progressbar-ktx.