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CTOs for Good

This repository is based on Jekyll Now, developed by Barry Clark, a former employee of CTOs for Good member organization Thanks for all of your work both on Jekyll Now and on, Barry!

Adding New Members

  1. Open _data/members.yml. Copy any existing member block of text, append to end of the file, end edit accordingly for the new member.
  2. Save 600x600 headshot to ./images/members/*.jpg (Crop as necessary)
  3. Save 400x140 org logo to ./images/logos/*.png (Add whitespace/transparent space as necessary.)
  4. Commit changes.

Moving a Member to Alumni

  1. Cut and paste their block from _data/members.yml over to _data/alumni.yml
  2. Commit changes.

Quick Start

See Jekyll Now for full details. For other CTOs assisting with site updates, here's the most vital piece:

  1. Install Jekyll and plug-ins in one fell swoop. gem install github-pages This mirrors the plug-ins used by GitHub Pages on your local machine including Jekyll, Sass, etc.
  2. Clone the repo to your local machine git clone
  3. Serve the site and watch for markup/sass changes jekyll serve
  4. View your website at
  5. Commit any changes.
  6. Push everything to the master branch or send a pull request. Once committed or merged, GitHub Pages will then rebuild and serve your website.


Jekyll website for CTOs for Good



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