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This cookbook basically translates the install instructions from into chef DSL.


  • java + jdk
  • A database cookbook like mysql if you like to run sonar in production. The built in derby database is not recommended for production.


See attributes/default.rb for details.


The cookbook installs sonar with derby database (default). Inlcude a proxy_* recipe to your run_list to access sonar over a proxy server.


  • Implement dir attribute to make installation path more flexible
  • Implement different Database backends like MySql
  • Implement plugin recipes eg. Download jars to plugin folder, restart Sonar
  • Create database with mysql LWRP
	mysql_database "sonar" do
	  host "localhost"
	  username "root"
	  password node[:mysql][:server_root_password]
	  database "sonar"
	  action :create_db
  • Set allow / deny patterns with attributes for web access
	default['sonar']['web_deny']               = []
	default['sonar']['web_allow']              = []