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Geometry Radio Frequency Library by Chris Tralie
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Geometry Radio-Frequency Library by Chris Tralie

This library started out as a geometry library to support some work with computational electromagnetics for radar, but it has turned into a much more general purpose 3D geometry library. Please visit the wiki for some screenshots and videos of this software in action


  • Support for 3D primitives and primitive transformations: Vectors, Points, Rays, Planes, etc
  • Support for 3D polygon meshes, including geometry methods (PCA, slice by plane) and some topology methods (triangle subdivision, basic no-frills hole filling). Can load and save .off or .obj files with color
  • Basic 3D mesh viewer with a polar camera using PyOpenGL (

Algorithms Implemented

  • Iterative closest points
  • Laplacian Mesh Editing
  • Image sources calculation for an arbitrary polygon mesh

Algorithms in Development

This stuff is sort of working but buggy...hopefully items will slowly mature

  • Polygon beam tracing (numerical precision problems)
  • 3D Planar Reflective Symmetry Transform (sampling problems)
  • Fast marching for geodesic distances (need to handle obtuse triangles)
  • Generalized Multidimensional Scaling (boundary case problems cause it to get stuck)


  • PyOpenGL
  • wxPython
  • numpy
  • scipy
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