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doesn't work in engines ? #88

alotela opened this Issue · 8 comments

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is it me, or annotate doesn't work with engines models ?



Yep, It's not picking models/routs of Engines for me too..

any solution/workaround ?


Tried that, but it doesn't pick tables for engine models.

For e.g. my engine model is

module Enginename
class ModelName

having table name : engine_name_model_name

it is unable to identify those, thus doesn't annotates them.

however if I inherited on of my models in an engine, it annotated it. So it may be simply doing something like ModelName.table_name and not considering the module around which it is wrapped.


I don't get it, this is my scenario:

I moved models into shared rails engine and now I want to update the annotations. I cd into the engines root folder and run bundle exec annotate nothing happens.

I've tried running bundle exec annotate --model-dir /absolute/path/to/rails/engine/app/models from many directories but it doesn't matter I still get Nothing annotated.. Any suggestions on how I might make it work?


I tried this on an engine, models work but routes annotations doesn't.


The fix is reverting one of the previous commits (mhenrixon@92f2bec)

@ctran ctran closed this

Seriously? What commit closes this issue?

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