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Annotate fails when is used module table_name_prefix #92

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annotable_models are very handy and easy to use gem (maybe rake task will be easier because have list [rake -T]).

This issue is about that it really great works on "standard" models but not on models within namespace and defined with table_name_prefix.

for example:

module Order
  def self.table_name_prefix

and nested model

module Order
  class Item < ActiveRecord::Base

Annotate models search in table items which not exists and right is order_items


I have the same issue. I happen to have two models, one named Question and another named Exam::Question, and they use the questions and exam_questions tables, respectively. However, Exam::Question gets annotated with the columns from the questions table.

Edit: Sorry, that wasn't exactly right. The model files are okay, test/unit/exam/question_test.rb is the file that gets annotated incorrectly. No matter how many times I run annotate, it keeps saying: Annotated (2): Exam::Question, Question

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