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Alfred - A library for rapid experiment development
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Alfred - A library for rapid experiment development

Alfred is a package for Python 3 offering experimenters a fast and easy way to create truly dynamic computer experiments for a wide range of applications. See for more information.

If you are publishing research conducted using Alfred, please cite:

Treffenstaedt, C., Wiemann, P. & Brachem, J. (2019). Alfred - A library for rapid experiment development (Version 0.3b1). DOI


Detailed step-by-step guides to installing Alfred from scratch can be found in the wiki: Alfred Wiki


You need to have Python 3 installed on your system. We recommend installing alfred into a virtual environment.

  1. Download the newest Alfred release from zenodo and extract the .zip archive by double-clicking on it. Link: Alfred on zenodo (where is the download button? it's marked red here)
  2. Then switch to the path of your extracted folder in terminal and execute via python by pasting the following commands into terminal:
python3 install

Alfred Mailing List

If you want to stay up to date with current developments, you can join our mailing list. We use this list to announce new releases and spread important information concerning the use of Alfred. You can expect to receive at most one mail per month.

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