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Innovative breakthrough in IoT (Internet of Toilet) Technology
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Alexa Skill
Flusher Hardware Photos

Alexa Toilet Flusher

One of my favorites thus far, done a while back as a school project.

Be sure to check out the demo!

What's in this repo?

This project was thrown together over the course fo a few days as part of a hackathon-style assignment in one of my old high school classes. As a result, I'd like to apologize for any disorganization or blissful ignorance of best practices.

That said, I've made sure that this repository includes every component of the toilet flusher, from the code that makes it run to the hardware flushing lever I kludged together.

Turnkey setup is very unlikely, but my hope is that releasing all of the well-commented components will make the process of creating similar projects much easier!

Some tips for gluing everything together are included in


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