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--------------------- IMPORTANT!! ---------------------

Version 2.0 and Reddit finally doing the inevitable!

Good news, everybody! You don't need this extension anymore!

Reddit has finally implemented HTTPS, and it's about damn time, too!

Check out the blog post:

To enable the feature, go to this page:


Simply use


Add Reddit to the wonderful HTTPS Everywhere extension.



I'll be leaving this extension on the webstore for people that still want it. The latest update stops directing people to and instead directs them to

Users should just migrate to HTTPS Everywhere at this point :)

SSL extension for Reddit

Automatically redirects plain HTTP to the encrypted, HTTPS secured version.

The NSA. The GHCQ. Russia. Cisco. Networking. The Internet.

I was trying to give this extension a bit of a sinister introduction, but I suppose I failed at that :/...

Anyways, behold! I give to you... SecuReddit! The first (and best) extension to automatically keep your leisurely Reddit browsing safe from prying eyes!

**What IS SecuReddit?

SecuReddit is an extension that makes use of the power of Chrome alongside the well known hack to use an HTTPS encrypted version of Reddit.

Basically, it redirects to, the purpose being that is NOT encrypted, while IS.

**Wait, what? Why do I need this extension? HTTPS, you say?

HTTP is an invaluable tool that keeps your web traffic (visiting web pages, viewing images, etc...) safe in transit.

HTTP vs. HTTPS is comparable to sending something on a postcard (where there's no protection on it at all, and anyone can look at it and see what's there) vs putting your letter in an envelope (e.g. hiding your web traffic with encryption).

Because of this, all major websites have turned on HTTPS by default, except for our beloved Reddit (Who's administrators have been dragging their feet on the issue for whatever reason), which necessitates this extension to supplement our needs for security on today's web.

If you'd like an explaination that's a bit more in depth, check out this video:

**Alright, I understand what HTTPS is and why encryption is important, but what's all this business? is the URL that Reddit uses to provide a secure area for users to make payments (Such as buying Reddit Gold, or Reddit-themed merchandise, etc.)

Using encryption on such a page is an obvious necessity, as it keeps your credit card and personal information safe and encrypted.

Interestingly enough, this URL also works on the entire site, so any link is also an link.

**I can haz source? Sure! It's on GitHub at:

The best part is, this extension accomplishes all of this quickly, automatically, and in the background. You just install it and you never have to think about it again.

Sleep peacefully, fellow redditors, knowing that you can now waste time on Reddit securely. Also, don't forget to spread the world about SecuReddit, and message the admins about enabling HTTPS by default!

NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL USERS/USERS WHO SPEAK A LANGUAGE OTHER THAN ENGLISH: This extension has full support for all languages on reddit, provided that you have set your language as the default in your account preferences.

If you haven't done that, go to and set "Interface language" to your language of choice.

From now on, use instead of (your language code) The interface will be in english at first, but it will automatically change to your language once you log in.


SSL extension for Reddit






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