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freezeframe.js 3.0.10

freezeframe.js is a script that pauses animated .gifs and enables them to animate on mouse hover / mouse click / touch event, or with trigger / release functions. It supports responsive images and works as a jQuery / Zepto plugin.

  1. Examples
  2. Files & Dependencies
  3. HTML Setup
  4. Basic Usage: jQuery / Zepto Plugin
  5. Basic Usage: Vanilla JS
  6. Advanced Usage
  7. Options Reference
  8. Function Reference
  9. License
  10. Thanks


Files & Dependencies

  1. Include the js and css from /build/
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="freezeframe_styles.min.css">
  <script src="freezeframe.min.js"></script>
2. If you do not use the **packaged version** of freezeframe, the following dependencies are required:
  * imagesLoaded Packaged v4.1.4 ( []( )
  * jQuery v2.1.4 *or* Zepto v1.1.6  
    (**Note**: only the core and event modules are required if using Zepto, 20kb minified)

<a name="html_setup"></a>
## HTML Setup

Add **freezeframe** as a class name on the .gifs you want processed.  
( You can optionally specify a custom selector as shown in [Advanced Usage](#advanced_usage). )

<img class="freezeframe" src="image.gif" /> 

Add freezeframe-responsive as an additional class name to make the .gif responsive.

<img class="freezeframe freezeframe-responsive" src="image.gif" /> 

Basic Usage: Vanilla JS

Freeze those frames

$(function() {
  ff = new freezeframe().freeze();

Basic Usage: jQuery / Zepto Plugin

Trigger the image you want by selector and run the freezeframe() function.


Advanced Usage

freezeframe.js exposes public methods to allow for more custom integration. You have the option of manually controlling when freezeframe triggers images, adds support elements, and attaches event handlers. You can also manually trigger and release animation on one image or a group of images. These methods are described in detail in the Function Reference.

Example: trigger logo .gif and manually trigger / release animation:

logo = new freezeframe('#logo'); // setup freezeframe instance with custom selector

logo.trigger(); // trigger images by selector
logo.setup();   // setup support elements
logo.trigger(); // trigger animation
logo.release(); // release animation

Options Reference

Options can be passed to a freezeframe instance on creation in the form of an object or a string. Strings will be interpreted as the selector option.

// Options passed to jQuery plugin
$('.my_class').freezeframe({'animation_play_duration': 2500})

// String as selector option
var ff = new freezeframe('.my_class');

// Object as options
var ff = new freezeframe({
  'selector': '.my_class',
  'animation_play_duration': 3000,
  'non_touch_device_trigger_event': 'hover'
  • selector

    type: string
    default: ".freezeframe"

    The selector used to search for .gifs when the trigger() function is run.

  • animation_play_duration

    type: integer
    default: 5000
    options: Infinity

    The number of milliseconds a .gif will animate for when triggered by click / touch event.
    Use Infinity to make the .gif play forever.

  • non_touch_device_trigger_event

    type: string
    default: "hover"
    options: "hover", "click"

    The trigger event to start animation for non-touch devices.

Function Reference

  • freezeframe( options )

    Create a new freezeframe object instance.
    Can be passed options. Strings will be interpreted as the selector option.

    // Default options
    var ff = new freezeframe();
    // String as selector option
    var ff = new freezeframe('.my_class');
    // Object as options
    var ff = new freezeframe({
    'selector': '.my_class',
    'animation_play_duration': 3000,
    'non_touch_device_trigger_event': 'hover'
  • trigger( selector )

    trigger images to be paused by freezeframe. If run without selector argument, selector in freezeframe options will be used. Can be run multiple times with different selector to group many images, unrelated by selector, in one freezeframe instance.

    ff.trigger();               // use selector in freezeframe options
    ff.trigger('.my_class');    // use custom selector
  • setup()

    Creates and inserts support elements. Can be filtered by selector.

    ff.setup();                 // all images in freezeframe instance
    ff.setup('.my_class');      // filter images by selector

    HTML image before:

    <img class="freezeframe" src="my_image.gif" />

    ...and after:

    <div class="ff-container">
    <canvas class="ff-canvas ff-canvas-ready" width="400" height="250"></canvas>
    <img class="freezeframe ff-setup ff-image ff-image-ready" src="my_image.gif">
  • attach( selector )

    Attaches hover / click / touch events based on freezeframe options. Can be filtered by selector.

    ff.attach();                // all images in freezeframe instance
    ff.attach('.my_class');     // filter images by selector
  • trigger( selector )

    Triggers (starts) animation, or restarts animation from the first frame if the .gif is already animating. Can be filtered by selector.

    ff.trigger();               // all images in freezeframe instance
    ff.trigger('.my_class');    // filter images by selector
  • release( selector )

    Releases (stops) animation. Can be filtered by selector.

    ff.release()                // all images in freezeframe instance
    ff.release('.my_class');    // filter images by selector


freezeframe.js is released under the terms of the MIT License.