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This wiki contains information on how to create mods for Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest by Ctrl Alt Ninja Ltd.

Modding and Asset Usage License

In order to protect the creators and players of mods, as well us at Ctrl Alt Ninja and our brands, we need to set a few rules and terms regarding modding (creating new missions, scripts and assets, etc.) for Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest. We don't want to discourage any modders from being creative but we do hope that you understand that we need a few common sense rules to keep the users of mods safe and that we need to define what we can consider fair use of our assets and intellectual property. We will try to keep these rules straightforward so that they would be easy to understand and to follow.

To put it another way, these rules are in place to make modding fair, fun and safe for all the parties involved:

  • As a mod creator you need to acknowledge that Ctrl Alt Ninja is not responsible for the contents of your mod and is not responsible if you create any mods that can be potentially harmful to the user or the user's computer, or contain unlawful, offensive or obscene content.

  • Running the mod must require an original copy of Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest. Running the mod may not require, or perform, any modifications to the original game installation.

  • You cannot charge money for your mod. Using voluntary donations or advertisements in moderation are acceptable on the websites used for distributing the mod but not within the mod itself.

  • When creating mods, you are responsible for respecting the intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks) of companies and individuals, including other modders. You, of course, retain the copyright to your own original creations and mods and you are free to use the parts of said mods that you have created yourself for other purposes too (commercial or non-commercial) as long as it does not interfere with their use in the mod.

  • Do not do anything that might lead people into thinking that your mod is an official Ctrl Alt Ninja or Druidstone product or that the mod is officially endorsed by us or affiliated with us.

  • To make sure that we have full freedom to develop games, we would like to emphasize that we retain the rights to use any ideas from mods. This doesn't, however, mean that we are interested in harvesting ideas from mods but that our possibilities to further develop Druidstone or similar games would be severely limited if we couldn't use any ideas similar to those found in mods.

  • We may use footage and/or screenshots from any published mods for promoting Druidstone.

  • You may only modify or redistribute those original or modified Druidstone game assets (this includes, but is not limited to, software, code, Lua files, graphics, writing and audio) that we have explicitly released for creating Druidstone mods. Any other use, commercial or non-commercial, for these assets is forbidden. From time to time we may update the contents of the asset pack. Therefore you may not redistribute or mirror the asset pack or any of the assets contained within, except as packaged into a mod.

  • We reserve the right to revise these rules at any time, with immediate and retroactive effect.

Thank you for reading, we hope these rules are sensible. And remember, you can always ask: if you have a project where you are not certain how it works in light of these rules, we urge you to contact us instead of just going ahead and releasing it by yourself.

And that's it, have fun modding!

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