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A library for sending logs to LogDNA via ingest API
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A go library for sending logs to LogDNA via their ingest API.

It works but is still under development and subject to change.


go get

Using library

Godoc available at

See source code of logdna-stdin command in this repo for an example.

Using logdna-stdin command

logdna-stdin needs to read your LogDNA API key from environment variable LOGDNA_API_KEY so make sure its set:

export LOGDNA_API_KEY=xyz


Usage of logdna-stdin:
  -hostname string
        hostname you want logs to appear from in LogDNA viewer
  -log-file-name string
        log file or app name you want logs to appear as in LogDNA viewer

To send logs to LogDNA just pipe anything that writes to stdout to the logdna-stdin command.

$ some_command | logdna-stdin --hostname --log-file-name test.log

From LogDNA viewer you'll now see output from some_command in log file test.log and can filter by host

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