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A simple Minishift plugin for the Eclipse IDE
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Eclipse Minishift Support

This is an Eclipse IDE plugins which allows you to use the variable ${minishift_ip} in any location that Eclipse allows you to use variables and have the current minishift IP inserted.

It is mainly used for inserting the current IP of the Minishift instance into a launch configuration.

How to install

Drag to your running Eclipse* workspace. *Requires Eclipse Marketplace Client

You can also add the following URL as a software source into your Eclipse preferences and install the plugin manually:


The plugin extends the Eclipse variable lookup system which maybe used in different locations (watch out for the button "Variables…" next to an entry field).

Getting the Minishift IP

In order to get the IP of the minishift instance use:


Which will get replaced with the IP address of the minishift instance: e.g.:

If minishift is not running then the lookup will fail.

Getting a service URL

To get the URL of a service use:


This will retrieve the service's URL: e.g.

It is also possible to retrieve the HTTPS based URL:


The service name must be prefixed with http:// or https://.

If minishift is not running or the service is unknown then the lookup will fail.

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