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Example #4 – Plain Camel Example

This example shows a plain Camel example, running inside, but also outside of Kura, including unit tests.


Start up a new Kura 4+ instance, e.g. using the docker image: https://hub.docker.com/r/ctron/kura

Build and install

This component can be built using Maven. The following command will perform a full build:

mvn clean package

This will create a file named camel-example-4_*-SNAPSHOT.dp which contains all required dependencies and can directly be installed into Kura.

Testing and debugging

If you want to rebuild and directly test, you can leverage Apache FileInstall. Run the Kura docker image as described in the link above (with -v) and use the absolute location of target/load as volume mapping (e.g. /home/user/git/kura-examples/camel/camel-example-4/target/load).

Once Kura is started up, you can drop all required artifacts into this folder by executing:

mvn clean install -Plocal-test

Apache File Install will periodically scan this folder, pick up any changes and deploy them into Kura automatically. It will also update the bundles the next time this command is being called.

For remote debugging and JMX support please see: https://github.com/ctron/kura-container#running-with-jmx-enabled

Checking the result

You can access either the IEC 60870 server, the HTTP server using the REST API and the SwaggerUI at http://localhost:8090/api, or hooking up the Camel context with the ID camel.example.4 with Kura Wires on the endpoints seda:wiresInput1 and seda:wiresOutput1.