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Running on OpenShift

This is a short documentation about how to spin up the Eclipse Kura™ simulator in OpenShift.

Setting up inside Kapua

First of all you need some setup of Eclipse Kapua™. The easiest solution with OpenShift is to follow the readme in the Kapua GitHub repository: dev-tools/src/main/openshift.

Afterwards start the following script


Setting up as external project

Assuming your have already set up Kapua, either using OpenShift or in a different way, you can simply create a Kura simulator by:

oc new-project kura-simulator
BROKER_URL=tcp://localhost:1833 ./

The BROKER_URL variable must point to the MQTT you are using. It is also possible to use Websockets and user credentials:

BROKER_URL=ws://kapua-sys:kapua-password@localhost:80 ./


The scripts will create a new OpenShift application named kura-simulator which will connect to the broker in the local project. By default every pod will spin up 10 gateway instances. You can start more pods which will then multiply the instances:

oc scale --replicas=10 dc kura-simulator

It is also possible to change the number of instances inside each pod by setting an environment variable:

oc env dc/kura-simulator KSIM_NUM_GATEWAYS=100