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This is the final release of the 0.11.0 release cycle.

Note: This release of Package Drone does have a different storage mechanism. Therefore is it not possible to simply update the package drone installation. It is necessary to export all channels from the old installation and import them back into the new installation.

Note: This release has different package names (org.eclipse.packagedrone.server) for the RPM and DEB packages, and does declare a conflict on the old package. This is to ensure that when the final release comes there has to be manual intervention, instead of just upgrading the package from the repository, finding out that the store model has changed.

New and noteworthy

The main theme on this release is the new storage backend. This may be considered a new feature and a changed behavior. But in any case it is noteworthy 😉 Read more on this at http://packagedrone.org/2015/10/23/the-upcoming-0-11-0-release/

Changed storage model

The backend storage model, which was JDBC based and did span over several groups of entities was removed and replaced with a backend which considers entities groups (like authentication, configuration and channels) separately. Also has the JDBC storage been completely removed (for now) and was replaced by a simple file based approach. For more information see above.

OBR repository index

Starting with this release Package Drone does support OBR repositories now.

Support for OpenSUSE 13.2

There is an RPM for OpenSUSE 13.2 (dist marker os13) now. It does support systemd and SUSE's firewall mechanism. However OpenSUSE is not that much tested as other distributions. That is why there is no RPM repository for the moment. The RPM files have to be downloaded and installed manually (e.g. using zypper install org.eclipse.packagedrone*.rpm).

Move to Eclipse Foundation

All preparations have been made to submit the source code as "initial contribution" to the Eclipse Foundation for the Eclipse Package Drone project. This includes renaming all package names to org.eclipse.packagedrone and a general restructuring to let the repository structure be more like other Eclipse projects.

Note: Although this release does have package names like org.eclipse.packagedrone this is still not an official Eclipse release!

In the same step the RPM and DEB packages were also renamed. See above.

Performance improvements

Again performance improvements have been made. Especially when aggregating P2 repositories in the end of a channel operation.


GoogleBot requests are now intercepted and the generation of "jsessionid" is disabled.

Changed behavior

  • Channels IDs are prefixed with apm_ now
  • This release does not longer store content in Postgres, MySQL or any other JDBC database. It is also incapable of reading any stored information prior to the 0.11.0 release.
  • The RPM and DEB package names have been changed

Note: Again, this version does have different RPM/DEB package names, which conflict with the old package names. And the content of the old (before 0.11.0) Package Drone instance has to be exported and re-imported in the new (0.11.0) instance.

Improvements and bug fixes

Of course a few bugs got fixed as well 😉

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