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@ctron ctron released this Apr 23, 2015 · 551 commits to master since this release

Thanks for @cornzy, @CptMauli and @maggu2810 for providing code, help and ideas to this release!

New features

This release a few new features, most notably:

Maven Extraction

Thanks to the discussion in issue #71 the idea was born to extract POM files, which are included in JAR files and use these to extract the Maven metadatda necessary to create the Maven repository structure which includes this artifact. So when the "Maven Extractor" channel aspect is added, embedded POM files will be extracted and considered by the "Maven Repository" aspect when the repository metadata is created.

Help pages

The channel menu now has a new section "Help", which will provide help pages for each channel based on its configuration. For example is there a help page when the P2 repository aspect was added to inform the user how to access the channel using P2.

Also is there a free text description page, which allow one to freely write some formatted text about the channel. This can be edited by managers and seen by all.

Nexus Scraping

When the Maven Repository aspect creates the repository structure it will create now some additional files so that the Nexus repository manager can scrape the Package Drone channel and show the content structure of the Package Drone channel.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • #55: Package Drone will now send a custom user agent header when it queries other repositories (Maven or HTTP) and lets others know who we are 😉
  • #67: last modified for P2
  • #69: use the bundle order or imports
  • #70: bug in error message was fixed
  • Added links to P2 with channel alias and Maven repositories


And yes, that Nexus screenshot is on purpose 😉


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