System Properties

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Package Drone uses the following system properties:

Name Type Default  Description
package.drone.admin.user  String  admin The name of the admin user
 package.drone.admin.disabled  boolean  false  Disable the admin user altogether
 package.drone.admin.announce.file  File  ~/.drone-admin-token  The name of the file were the admin token will be written. The directory has to exist and the file will be overwritten on every start.
drone.web.maxRequestBytes long 1GB The number of bytes the main dispatcher servlet will accept for a multi part rquest
drone.web.fileThresholdBytes int 1MB The number of bytes after which the servlet will spool out the request as a file, everything below this threshold will be kept in-memory. boolean false Use JDBC blobs instead direct stream parameters
drone.showStackTrace boolean false Show stack traces in error web pages
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