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Firew0lf committed Aug 5, 2016
1 parent 49c87e5 commit 3255f2ad74b14e3a0a9299965dc40c2825786f66
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; Outputs
.out outpos position
.out outtc0 texcoord0
.out outclr color

; Inputs
.alias inpos v0
.alias inarg v1

; Uniforms
.fvec projection[4]
.fvec transform
.bool useTransform

; Constants
.constf RGBA8_TO_FLOAT4(0.00392156862, 0, 0, 0)

.proc main
ifu useTransform
; outpos = projection * transform * in.pos
dp4 r15.x, transform[0], inpos
dp4 r15.y, transform[1], inpos
dp4 r15.z, transform[2], inpos
dp4 r15.w, transform[3], inpos
dp4 outpos.x, projection[0], r15
dp4 outpos.y, projection[1], r15
dp4 outpos.z, projection[2], r15
dp4 outpos.w, projection[3], r15
; outpos = projection * in.pos
dp4 outpos.x, projection[0], inpos
dp4 outpos.y, projection[1], inpos
dp4 outpos.z, projection[2], inpos
dp4 outpos.w, projection[3], inpos

; outtc0 = in.texcoord
mov outtc0, inarg

; outclr = RGBA8_TO_FLOAT4(in.color)
mul outclr, RGBA8_TO_FLOAT4.xxxx, inarg


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