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µLua compatibility layer for ctrµLua
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µLua compatibility layer for ctrµLua.

What is that ?

uCompat is a ctrµLua "library" that allows you to launch and use µLua homebrews on your 3DS.

How does it work ?

This library recreate the µLua execution environment in ctrµLua using only pure Lua. All the functions were recreated using the official µLua documentation, and the library is designed to run any µLua program from 3.0 to 4.7.2.

How do I use it ?

Just download the latest version by clicking the "Download ZIP" button (somewhere on the page) or with a git clone, and place the uCompat directory in your ctrµLua libs folder (the folder, not the files in the folder). Once it's done, put your µLua homebrews in a directory somewhere, it doesn't mater where, just remember it. Finally, open your homebrews' main files (index.lua on a lot of them) and add the line require("uCompat") at the beggining of the file, before any other line of code. Now, it should work.

What's done ?

  • Canvas
  • Color
  • Controls
  • DateTime
  • Debug
  • dsUser
  • Font
  • Image
  • ini
  • Map
  • Motion
  • Nifi
  • Rumble
  • screen
  • ScrollMap
  • Sound (without sound)
  • Sprite
  • System
  • Timer
  • Wifi

What's not ?

  • Soundbanks decoding
  • screen.drawGradientRect(): very ugly render ...
  • 3DS <-> DS Nifi
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