Description of reusable and customizable AI artifacts in the Collective Knowledge format (can be automatically installed, plugged to CK workflows and collaboratively optimized across diverse hardware/models/data sets/libraries):
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Collective Knowledge repository for AI

compatibility License


This is an on-going community project to unify and automate AI research, share AI artifacts as customizable and reusable components with JSON API using open-source CK framework, continuously optimize and co-design the whole AI/SW/HW stack across diverse hardware/models/data sets/libraries, and help researchers adapt to a Cambrian AI/SW/HW explosion and technological chaos:


You can browse reusable AI artifacts from this repository online.

Current AI artifacts are for Caffe, Caffe2, TensorFlow, MXNet, PyTorch and CNTK.

See and for more details.

Coordination of development

Minimal installation

The minimal installation requires:

  • Python 2.7 or 3.3+ (limitation is mainly due to unitests)
  • Git command line client.


You can install CK in your local user space simply as follows:

$ git clone ck-master
$ export PATH=$PWD/ck-master/bin:$PATH
$ export PYTHONPATH=$PWD/ck-master:$PYTHONPATH

You can also install CK via pip with sudo to avoid setting up environment variables yourself (skip sudo on Windows);

$ sudo pip install ck


First you need to download and install a few dependencies from the following sites:

You can then install CK as follows:

 $ git clone ck
 $ set PATH={CURRENT PATH}\ck\bin;%PATH%


Pull CK repo with all dependencies:

$ ck pull repo:ck-ai

$ ck ls ai-artifact

$ ck dashboard ai-artifact

Add new artifact description:

$ ck add ai-artifact:{AI alias}

Follow interactive instructions to add an artifact description.

Feel free to ask further questions via CK public mailing list.

Related Publications with long term vision

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Next steps

We gradually add references about all existing CK artifacts including their installation, usage and optimization. The CK AI consortium is also working on a unification of all AI APIs and meta descriptions - join us!