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"actions": {
"add": {
"desc": "add AI artifact description"
"browse": {
"desc": "browse AI artifacts"
"dashboard": {
"desc": "view CK AI artifact store"
"html_viewer": {
"desc": "show info about AI artifact"
"show": {
"desc": "show artifacts with selector"
"copyright": "See CK COPYRIGHT.txt for copyright details",
"desc": "AI artifact store",
"developer": "Grigori Fursin",
"developer_email": "",
"developer_webpage": "",
"license": "See CK LICENSE.txt for licensing details",
"module_deps": {
"experiment": "bc0409fb61f0aa82",
"module": "032630d041b4fd8a",
"qr-code": "5fd6485380ef9ff2",
"wfe": "1e4e644996b7f2a0"