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This is a Collective Knowledge repository with sources and templates for Artifact Evaluation evaluation website.


Install Collective Knowledge (CK) on Linux, Windows or MacOS as described in this Read Me.

Pull this repository:

 $ ck pull repo:ck-artifact-evaluation

Note that dependency on ck-web and other CK repositories will be automatically resolved.

 $ ck start web
 $ Open web page: http://localhost:3344/?template=artifact-evaluation&page=index

That's all!

Note, that it is also possible to create a static website for as follows:

 $ cd `script/compile-website-adapt-workshop`
 $ ./

or on Windows:

 $ ck find script/compile-website-adapt-workshop
 $ cd /D {above directory}
 $ create_website.bat

CK will create all static html pages in the "tmp-website" sub-directory that you can upload to your web server.


Just send a pull request and contact Grigori Fursin to upload your updates to .

Public discussions

Artifacts in the CK format

We promote collaborative and reproducible research where artifacts and workflows are shared along with papers in a common "plug&play" format to let the community quickly reuse them and thus accelerate science!

Please check ACM proceedings of our 1st ACM ReQUEST tournament with a live scoreboard and with all artifacts and workflows shared in a common CK format!

You can also check this reusable and customizable artifact from CGO'17 with automatic cross-platform software installation and web-based experimental dashboard powered by the CK framework:

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