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"actions": {
"add": {
"desc": "add program with templates"
"autotune": {
"desc": "universal, multi-objective, multi-dimensional software/hardware autotuning"
"benchmark": {
"desc": "benchmark program (run autotune with 1 iteration and full environment setup)"
"clean": {
"desc": "clean temporal files and directories of a given program"
"clean_tmp": {
"desc": "clean all tmp directories"
"compile": {
"desc": "compile a given program"
"copy": {
"desc": "copy program"
"cp": {
"desc": "copy program"
"crowdtune": {
"desc": "crowdtune program"
"find_output": {
"desc": "find program output entry"
"pipeline": {
"desc": "universal program compilation and execution pipeline (workflow)"
"prepare_table_with_results": {
"desc": "prepare HTML/TEX table with results"
"process_in_dir": {
"desc": "process program in a given directory (clean, compile or run)"
"run": {
"desc": "run a given program"
"select_uoa": {
"desc": "select program UOA in console mode"
"show": {
"desc": "show all programs (workflows)",
"for_web": "yes"
"substitute_some_ck_keys": {
"desc": "substitute some CK reserved keys"
"xcrowdtune": {
"desc": "crowdtune programs via list"
"calibration_max": "10",
"calibration_time": "4.0",
"clean_cmds": {
"linux": "rm -rf tmp* *.out *.exe *.manifest *.obj *.o *.lib *.a *.dll *.so *.s *.asm *.i *.I *.tmp *.bc *.ll *.class *.jar",
"win": "del /F /Q tmp* *.out *.exe *.manifest *.obj *.o *.lib *.a *.dll *.so *.s *.asm *.i *.I *.tmp *.bc *.ll *.class *.jar"
"clean_vars_in_output": [
"compile_cmds": {
"default": {
"cmd": "$#compiler#$ $#flags_before#$ $#source_file#$ $#flags_after#$"
"copyright": "See CK COPYRIGHT.txt for copyright details",
"data_deps": {
"mali_hwc": "4065ab1b40dbe027"
"deps_file": "tmp-deps.json",
"desc": "program compilation and execution workflow (pipeline)",
"developer": "Grigori Fursin",
"developer_email": "",
"developer_webpage": "",
"gprof_file": "gmon.out",
"internal_keys": [
"license": "See CK LICENSE.txt for licensing details",
"link_cmds": {
"default": {
"cmd": "$#linker#$ $#flags_before#$ $#obj_files#$ $#flags_after#$"
"module_deps": {
"apk": "eb4ec9907982260a",
"choice": "e4564d6f984400d7",
"compiler": "36ebc331048475bb",
"dataset": "8a7141c59cd335f5",
"dataset.features": "87b55c4f4a2482da",
"env": "9b9b3208ac44b891",
"experiment": "bc0409fb61f0aa82",
"machine": "84be34883a81b2a9",
"math.variation": "d3b13388e6152da7",
"misc": "cddc5e04b0da610e",
"module": "032630d041b4fd8a",
"pipeline": "db25414b48b4ffb3",
"platform": "707ccdfe444cafac",
"platform.cpu": "aa6b542a420b8db9",
"platform.gpgpu": "192ed4e0bbdbe743",
"platform.gpu": "55ec7775f4afaabd",
"platform.os": "41e31cc4496b8a8e",
"program.output": "e4c1d9d3f0acf094",
"repo": "befd7892b0d469e9",
"script": "84e27ad9dd12e734",
"soft": "5e1100048ab875d7",
"table": "2884ee69eaefe71e"
"module_program_optimization": "program.optimization",
"pipeline": "yes",
"target_file": "a",
"workflow": "yes",
"workflow_type": "program compilation, execution and validation pipeline (workflow)"
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