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"actions": {
"cat": {
"desc": "show the shell script for setting up this env"
"clean": {
"desc": "remote env entry and installed package"
"delete": {
"desc": "delete env entry"
"deps_summary": {
"desc": "extracting summary of all deps"
"get_all_versions_in_deps": {
"desc": "get all versions from deps (recursively)"
"prune_search_list": {
"desc": "prune search list by no_tags"
"refresh": {
"desc": "refresh environment setup (re-setup related software version)"
"remove": {
"desc": "delete env entry"
"resolve": {
"desc": "resolve all dependencies for a given software"
"rm": {
"desc": "delete env entries"
"rmtmp": {
"desc": "remove tmp entries (when installation to env entry failed)"
"set": {
"desc": "prepare and set environment for a given software"
"show": {
"desc": "show all installed software environments"
"virtual": {
"desc": "pre-load environment for the shell"
"xset": {
"desc": "set env for command line (pre-set various flags)"
"actions_redirect": {
"set" : "env_set"
"copyright": "See CK COPYRIGHT.txt for copyright details",
"custom_script_name": "customize",
"default_bat_name": "env",
"desc": "software environments (to abstract multiple tools and their versions)",
"developer": "Grigori Fursin",
"developer_email": "",
"developer_webpage": "",
"license": "See CK LICENSE.txt for licensing details",
"module_deps": {
"os": "0440cb72c2bc5cc6",
"package": "1dc07ee0f4742028",
"platform.os": "41e31cc4496b8a8e",
"soft": "5e1100048ab875d7"