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"actions": {
"add": {
"desc": "add package with template"
"distribute": {
"desc": "prepare distribution"
"install": {
"desc": "install CK package (download a tool if needed, install it, and register environment"
"prepare_install_path": {
"desc": "prepare install path for packages"
"rebuild_deps": {
"desc": "rebuild dependencies using packages"
"reinstall": {
"desc": "reinstall package if already installed"
"setup": {
"desc": "setup package (only register environment but do not install it)"
"show": {
"desc": "show packages",
"for_web": "yes"
"ck_install_file": "ck-install.json",
"ck_install_file_saved": "ck-install-saved.json",
"copyright": "See CK COPYRIGHT.txt for copyright details",
"custom_script_name": "custom",
"desc": "managing software packages (installing tools, registering in CK environments)",
"developer": "Grigori Fursin",
"developer_email": "",
"developer_webpage": "",
"env_install_path": "CK_TOOLS",
"install_path": "CK-TOOLS",
"license": "See CK LICENSE.txt for licensing details",
"module_deps": {
"env": "9b9b3208ac44b891",
"machine": "84be34883a81b2a9",
"misc": "cddc5e04b0da610e",
"os": "0440cb72c2bc5cc6",
"platform.cpu": "aa6b542a420b8db9",
"platform.gpgpu": "192ed4e0bbdbe743",
"platform.os": "41e31cc4496b8a8e",
"soft": "5e1100048ab875d7"