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The test-armcl-opencl and test-armcl-opencl-arm32 programs provide a convenient interface to executables built along the Arm Compute Library (ArmCL). Moreover, they provide a means to rebuild an ArmCL instance using its native (SCons-based) build system. This is useful when the CK build system lags behind the native one, as well as for testing.

In what follows, we assume that commands get executed from the program's folder. Please either change to this directory:

$ cd `ck find program:test-armcl-opencl-arm32`
$ ck compile

or specify the entry explicitly e.g.:

$ ck compile program:test-armcl-opencl-arm32


To rebuild an ArmCL instance, run the following:

$ ck compile

and select the ArmCL instance to be rebuilt.


To run one of the ArmCL executables, run the following:

$ ck run

and select one of the listed commands (the list may well be out-of-date):

0) benchmark-opencl-alexnet (../ck-benchmark-opencl$#script_ext#$)
1) benchmark-opencl-googlenet (../ck-benchmark-opencl$#script_ext#$)
2) benchmark-opencl-mobilenet (../ck-benchmark-opencl$#script_ext#$)
3) benchmark-opencl-squeezenet (../ck-benchmark-opencl$#script_ext#$)
4) benchmark-opencl-vgg16 (../ck-benchmark-opencl$#script_ext#$)
5) benchmark-opencl-vgg19 (../ck-benchmark-opencl$#script_ext#$)
6) help-benchmark (LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${CK_ENV_LIB_ARMCL_SRC}/build:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} ${EXECUTABLE} --help)
7) help-validation (LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${CK_ENV_LIB_ARMCL_SRC}/build:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH} ${EXECUTABLE} --help)
8) list-tests-benchmark (../ck-run$#script_ext#$ --list-tests)
9) list-tests-validation (../ck-run$#script_ext#$ --list-tests)
10) run-benchmark (../ck-run$#script_ext#$)
11) run-opencl-alexnet (../ck-run-opencl$#script_ext#$)
12) run-opencl-googlenet (../ck-run-opencl$#script_ext#$)
13) run-opencl-mobilenet (../ck-run-opencl$#script_ext#$)
14) run-opencl-squeezenet (../ck-run-opencl$#script_ext#$)
15) run-opencl-vgg16 (../ck-run-opencl$#script_ext#$)
16) run-opencl-vgg19 (../ck-run-opencl$#script_ext#$)
17) run-validation (../ck-run$#script_ext#$)

NB: CK will use the latest ArmCL instance compiled with ck compile.

Below we describe what the commands are for and how we recommend to use them.

Benchmarking ArmCL-OpenCL examples (from ArmCL v18.0x)

To benchmark one of the ArmCL graph examples (benchmark-opencl-*), please run:

$ ck benchmark --repetitions=1

This group of commands is to execute the benchmark_graph_* executables at the highest CPU and GPU frequencies. The selected executable is run with --instruments=${INSTRUMENTS}, --iterations=${ITERATIONS}, and --example_args=${ARGS}, where the variables are currently hardcoded for each command to:

  • INSTRUMENTS=WALL_CLOCK_TIMER_MS,OPENCL_TIMER_MS (collect wall clock and kernel execution time in milliseconds);
  • ITERATIONS=10 (repeat 10 times);
  • ARGS=1 (use OpenCL).

The run results are available in tmp/tmp-stdout.tmp.

NB: CK will offer the available ArmCL instances. If you select an instance that has been previously (re)built with ck compile, SCons will be quick to realise that; otherwise, you will be in for a potentially long (re)building.

NB: CK will only run the executable once (--repetitions=1) externally, however, the executable will run the graph ${ITERATIONS} times internally.

Running ArmCL-OpenCL examples (before ArmCL v18.0x)

To test one of the ArmCL graph examples (run-opencl-*), please run:

$ ck run

This group of commands is for less recent versions of ArmCL that lack internal instrumentation support. The output is less than exciting so you may wish to try the following.

To execute the graph_* executables at the highest CPU and GPU frequencies with dividiti's OpenCL profiler, please run:

$ ck benchmark --repetitions=1 --dvdt_prof

The profiler results are available in tmp/tmp-dvdt-prof*.json, but may not be easy to parse.

NB: You may want to install the profiler from the following package:

$ ck install package:tool-dvdt-prof-cjson-master-universal

Printing help messages

$ ck run --cmd_key=help-benchmark
$ ck run --cmd_key=help-validation

Listing all tests

$ ck run --cmd_key=list-tests-benchmark
$ ck run --cmd_key=list-tests-validation

Filtering out validation tests (examples)

$ ck run --cmd_key=run_validation \
$ ck run --cmd_key=run-validation \